I Am Below Average

Yesterday, while listening to the radio, I heard that people with smartphones check their Facebook page an average of 14 times per day (according to a study sponsored by Facebook). They scroll through news feeds while running errands, comment on friends’ posts while shopping or at the gym, and post a photo of their food plate before dinner.

I am below average. I have never tracked the number of times I check my Facebook page each day but I am fairly confident it is less than 14. But, hey, there is no judgement here of you who are above average. Only some advice – get a life! Just kidding!

Regardless of whether you pride yourself on being an occasional Facebook checker or an obsessed Facebook juggernaut, perhaps we can use this to point us another direction. What if every time we checked our Facebook page, we prayed? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a 10-minute prayer but a reminder to think of God, thank God, and lift whatever is on our mind at the time to God in prayer?

I call it prayer pointers. A long time ago I was given advice by a mentor to establish prayer pointers in my life – events that happen repetitively in the normal course of a day that points me to pray. For example, every time I see or hear an ambulance or fire truck I use it as a prayer pointer to not only pray for those involved with the ambulance or fire truck but to think of God, thank Him and lift whatever is on my mind at the time to Him in prayer.

I am below average. But using prayer pointers is one way I strive to achieve Paul’s challenge to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Our smartphones can be used in so many ways to establish prayer pointers. Perhaps each time we check our Facebook page, every instance a text comes through or our inbox dings.

I am below average but I want to “pray without ceasing.” How about you?



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