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Oh Say Can’t You See – Week 4: This Way

What will be the future of the United States of America? Are we doomed to slip into mediocrity and obscurity, as with so many other nations throughout history? Will we be conquered, either militarily or economically, by a more powerful foe? Will America end up in the ash heap of history? Or are our greatest […]


Oh Say Can’t You See – Week 2: Not That Way

America has strayed dramatically from the original vision of our founding fathers, the men who laid the foundation on Biblical principles. We have succeeded in removing God from our schools, our sporting events, our workplaces and the public square. We are headed the wrong way. America needs an intervention. We need God’s help and we […]


Oh Say Can’t You See – Week 1: Get Up & Go

With billions of dollars spent on presidential campaigns every four years, it is almost impossible for anyone who has radio, television, computer or smartphone to ignore the barrage of news, advertisements, and commentaries on America’s favorite pastime: politics. Oh say can’t you see that America’s hope isn’t in a fresh set of politicians? Our hope […]