Taking The Next Step – Holy Communion

Discussion Questions:

1. Take time to reflect on your experience with Communion. Do you remember the first time you participated in Communion? What was it like? How has your understanding of Communion changed since that time?
2. Discuss the practice of Communion in different faith traditions. What has your experience been? Why do you think the Bible didn’t tell us exactly how to practice Communion? Or how often?
3. Jesus took His last hours on earth to institute this new worship practice (Communion). Why was this meal so important to Jesus?
4. Read 1 Corinthians 11:17-34.

•What stands out to you in this passage? Why?
•Paul urges the church to observe Communion with “examination” (v 28). What do you think that means?
•Why is it so important that we not only understand what Communion means, but that we participate in Communion with the right awe and faith?

Pray: Observe Communion together (or by yourself). Find whatever you can find to represent the Body and the Blood of Jesus. Pray for Jesus to make Himself known to you in this moment.


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